The Team

From athletes to musicians and philosophers — we're a pretty lively bunch here at Standard Wolf®! What do we all have in common (beyond our effervescent charm and dashing good looks)?! We all feel pretty darn good about delivering products that change the way you look and feel making you a more functional, aesthetically pleasing and adventurous you.

dayton ricketts


With over 9 years experience in web craft, technology and interactive media, Dayton is an expert in creative concepts, design & product development. He maintains online services while problem solving to improve efficiency and productivity with automation. Aside from being a world traveler and master of antiques. He also loves dogs and enjoys geocaching.



Kyle possesses an amazing ability to communicate, connect and problem solve as a result of his role in serving the public. These skills are indispensable as a leader. His attention to detail and positive attitude sets a precedent for customer service. Kyle is also a scratch ticket extraordinaire, enjoys riding his bike, nature and spending quality time with family and friends.

wendy burton


Wendy is a successful business woman from the Okanagan valley. Currently running a very successful company of her own, Wendy is providing valuable mentor-ship and advice to help grow Standard Wolf® and ensure it establishes a promising foundation for the future.